ACCU-Machines pouring machine

A machine designed to pour out the batteries L1-L5 in the finish line of batteries formation process. The Machine is customized for easy implementation into the conveyor systems of the line.

Battery width 175 mm
Battery height 175 -195mm
Battery length 200 -350mm

Polyethylene 500
Stainless steel DIN 1.4571 chemically resistant
Polycarbonate thickness 5mm

Machine conveyor:

Collecting bath:

Rotation conveyor power: 2,2kW
Conveyor drive power 0,55kW
Total power 3 kW
Required air pressure 5- 6bar
Collecting bath volume 840 liters
Simatic ET 200 control system
Machine is equipped with Balluff sensors
Cycle time of the machine is 1 pc / 6 to 10sec, according to battery size.